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CORE Equine

CORE Equine

CORE Equine provides comprehensive sports medicine therapy for human and equine athletes. Expertise in human medicine, veterinary rehabilitation and equestrian sport demands are the background for this integrative approach to care.

CORE Equine focuses on the health and wellness of equestrian athletes to maintain career longevity and enhance performance.

The CORE Equine blog is a community  providing evidenced based methods to empower equine athletes in performance and training programs.

CORE Equine is one of the few providers in the country to be trained and licensed to treat both horses and riders. Welcome to the CORE Equine community! Follow the Blog, we’re happy you are here!

A Healthy Horse is a Happy Horse

 Robyn Wyzinski is the founder of CORE Equine and is a licensed physical therapist for both horses and humans. A Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Certification as an Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner, and degree in Human Health Science has uniquely qualified Robyn to work with equestrian athletes.

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