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CORE Strength For Riders

human core muscles


Riding with a strong core is key to competitive riding. The muscles that make up your core muscle group lie in complimentary orientation throughout your trunk. When active these muscles act on your body like a corset making a stable base from which you ride.

The para spinal and rectus abdominals are located on your back and along the front of your body running vertically. The oblique abdominals run on a diagonal path extending from the side of your body to the front of your abdomen. Transverse abdominals travel on a horizontal path across the front of your body. Strenthening your core requires you use a variety of strengthening exercises and positions due to the different paths of the muscles.

When these muscles are active together they elongate your body and provide a stable core for your riding. Riding with a strong core enables riders to be a more effective and provides rider stability during changes in speed and direction of your horse.  A stable core enables you to ride without altering your body alignment throughout your ride. The stronger your core the less often you will alter your alignment and your horse’s performance.  Rider errors including: side leaning, roach back, tipping forward, twisting your trunk, swinging leg, and forward shoulders are reduced with a strong core.

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