Level Your Pelvis Series – Part 2 of 4

Level Your Pelvis Series – Part 2 of 4

Leveling your pelvis is critical to treat asymmetry which improves your riding, enhances your horse’s performance, and to prevent equine back pain.
A level pelvis is critical for effective riding position and prevention of back pain in your horse. Asymmetries in your pelvis are often expressed as a leg length difference, tendency to lean to one side, increased weight through one hip, shoulder drop, and a variety of postural abnormalities. An uneven pelvis causes asymmetric weight distribution on your horse’s back which leads to pain from pressure points on your horse’s back. Asymmetry in the rider can also cause asymmetry in the horse’s tracking.

Step 1 in this level your pelvis series was focused on opening up the tight SI joints along each side of your pelvis.

Step 2 is a stretch of the inner thigh muscles that insert on the pelvis.


Knees Apart Stretch

This is a stretching exercise which must be held for 30-45 seconds and performed 3-4 repetitions. Performing this stretch will decrease the pull of your tight inner thigh muscles on the bones of your pelvis.

abd stretch
Stretching of the inner thigh muscles that attach around the SI joints

1) Lay on your back with your lower back touching the floor, make sure there is no arch in your low back

2) Bring your feet together to touch or as close to each other as comfortable

3) Lower your knees down to the side slowly allowing time for the muscles to relax

4) Place your hand over each knee and gently apply pressure to enhance the stretch

5) Hold the stretch for 30-45 seconds and repeat 3-4 times

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