CORE Equine

CORE Equine provides comprehensive sports medicine therapy for human and equine athletes. Expertise in human medicine, veterinary rehabilitation and equestrian sport demands are the background for this integrative approach to care.

CORE Equine focuses on the health and wellness of equestrian athletes to maintain career longevity and enhance performance.

The CORE Equine blog is a community  providing evidenced based methods to empower equine athletes in performance and training programs.

CORE Equine is one of the few providers in the country to be trained and licensed to treat both horses and riders. Welcome to the CORE Equine community! Follow the Blog, we’re happy you are here!

A Healthy Horse is a Happy Horse

About Robyn

Career Accomplishments:

Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Licensed Physical Therapist (human and animal)

Certification as an Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner

Baccalaureate in Human Health Science

Performance Equine Bodywork Trained

As an equestrian athlete she merges her career with her passion to work with horses and riders. She is one of the few people to be licensed and credentialed to treat equine and human clients.  

Robyn Wyzinski began a career in equine health to help equine athletes and their human partners use the tools of human and veterinary medical science to treat injury, provide client education, and for performance enhancement.

Quadruped and biped athletes need fitness and rehabilitation programs to: enhance performance, prevent injury, maintain musculoskeletal health, and treat pain. Robyn received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Baccalaureate Degree in Human Health Science from Clarke University, Iowa and has been practicing physical therapy since 2001.  She obtained advanced training to combine her health science career with her equestrian passion.  Through the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical School, she obtained her Certification as an Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner CERP.

Her goal is to implement the human physical rehabilitation model into equine healthcare. Horses, like humans, experience orthopedic changes associated with athletic participation and aging. She works in conjunction with veterinarians, owners, trainers, farriers, and chiropractors to coordinate a plan of care specific to your horse’s needs.

Please read the upcoming Blog posts for information pertaining to both equine and human fitness and rehab. Enjoy and good luck to all!



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